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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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passengers, perks bigger than a bag of pretzels. that would be really third rail. announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour, i'm in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. >> each of the illegal actions requires a robust response the u.n. security council prepares for new sanctions against north korea after its illegal long-range rocket launch. syrian government forces scale up their assault to recapture aleppo. >> president martelly steps down, paving the way for an
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interim government to fend off a power vacuum. >> and i have the sport. carolina panthers prepare to face a denver broncos in super bowl 50. >> we'll be live in santa clara, north america's most popular sporting event hello. the united nations is promising tough actions against north korea after it launched a long-range missile despite a ban. new sanctions are being prepared after a string of sanctions have been issued against it. gabriel elizonda has this report ambassadors and diplomats rushing in to the security council chamber for an emergency meeting. >> weakness is not an option.
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>> at the closed door meeting the security council offered strong condemnation and promised a new resolution. the u.s. ambassador said the rocket launch was more than a provocation, but a direct threat that advanced north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> pyongyang launched a peaceful earth observation satellite. no one is fooled. so-called space launch vehicles are the same technology as ballistic missiles which are prohibited by multiple security council resolutions. we are looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days, and we'll be looking to all council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the d.p.r.k.'s repeated violations that constitute the direct threat to global peace and security
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the north koreans warned they planned to fire a rocket, and they did not wait long. two hours into the launch window, a rocket carrying a satellite lifted off. now the west is hoping for an equally quick response. the u.s. and china were quick to respond. progress was slow. now the question of the u.s. and its allies is whether china, north korea's strongest backer will agree to stick new actions. >> a new resolution that will do the work of reducing tension, looking for maintaining peace and stability and encouraging a solution the rocket launch violated four different security council resolutions, and with another worked on, and pyongyang threatening more rocket launches, the pressure is on documents here to finally figure out what, if anything will finally convince north korea to
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stop. up until now all threats have fallen on deaf ears. syrian government forces backed by russian air strikes continue to step up their campaign to take back the city of aleppo. they seized territory, cut supply lines. the rebel controlled part of aleppo was being surrounded. as zeina khodr reports, troops are pushing to control the area towards the turkish border. >> the air strikes are intense. the aim of the syrian government is to weaken the defenses of the opposition before ground forces move in. this man is at the nearby entrance to aleppo, the only route in and out the divided city. >> translation: the regime cut the north and west. the only life line is this
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crossing. if it's taken by the regime, there'll be no way to send reinforcements. >> bevel hall is one of two crossings that the opposition controls along the border. it is not far from the sworn countryside of aleppo where the government and allies have been on the offensive. the syrian government made clear that they will not accept a ceasefire until the turkish border is sealed. they are trying to make it happen. the offensive is not just about laying siege to the hoigs controlled districts in the city. it is about recapturing the border with turkey. >> the only border crossing is cassab. close to the mediterranean sea. it is close to an area where there has been a major offensive. the government and allies are not the only forces on the ground fighting for the border. >> the kurdish party, the y.p.g.
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and p.k.k. have pushed in aleppo, they have captured two towns from the opposition. they'll push them. the regime wants it and the crossing itself. >> reporter: azaz is a place of refuge from those escaping from the area. government troops are not far. neither are the y.p.g. kurdish fighters. it is not clear if they are actively cooperating. what is clear is that all sides are battling for control of the border more syrians are rushing towards the turkish border to escape the fighting at home. turkey is offering food and shelter, but blocked the entry of the refugees. stephanie is near the border. >> the border may be closed for people, but we have seen a steady line of trucks coming in
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and out. we have seen structures on the back of trucks that appears to be scaffolding materials building inside. it's believed 10,000 people are on the other side of the border, they are being registered. there has been security concerns. they are prepared to deal with them there. when it comes to supplies, relief blankets. it is cold at night. there are no plans at the moment to open the border. the turkish president said he expected a potential of 70,000. it shows no signs of letting up. if need be they'll open the borders syria will send ground troops to fight i.s.i.l., it's
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the third nation. they are part of the u.s.-led bombing campaign against i.s.i.l. syria will fight back against a ground incursion in its territory. >> an air strike in eastern libya killed woman, her child and two fighters, a member. parliament in toob rouk's a college was hit. the raids were carried out by forces loyal to the army chief, targetting i.s.i.l. fighters. taiwan, earthquake hit, is not celebrate ght the lunar new year. 120 are still stuck under the rub. 124 died, most in a 16 story building that collapsed in a taiwanese city. rob mcbride reports. >> reporter: as they work further down into the ruins, conditions, the rescue teams are
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getting harder. hang in there, the rescuers shout. we'll soon get you out people are trapped in small spaces and we can't use big machinery down there, we mostly dig with our hands. >> around the edges of the site. relatives of the missing have been waiting for news. since the earthquake on saturday that caused the complex to crumble within seconds, trapping hundreds that slept. this man is looking for his father and younger brother and believes rescuers have been looking in the wrong place. this woman is looking for her 3 month old baby, cared for by her sister. she can't understand what happened. >> it's the construction company's fault. other buildings didn't collapse like this one. >> many are saying the complex was poorly designed and built.
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and in the local manned rein language it's towelled -- it's called a toef u building, it had no structure and toppled over. >> exposed in the ruins, these are tin cans used in place of concrete on several floors. local media focussed on how the building was altered, with the ground floor turned into commercial space that may have weakened it further. of concern is how authorities in this area did not prevent such alterations. >> translation: the local prosecutor's office is doing a full investigation. they have come to collect evidence. as the investigation ramps up, so the search of the building continues, with the likelihood of finding more bodies than
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survivors these are live pictures where rescue efforts are conditioning. as you can see, the -- efforts are continuing. as you can see the building that collapsed, the earthquake that shook the taiwanese city, it's the worst hit city by far. more than 170 people have been rescued alive from the 17 storey building which collapsed when the quake struck still ahead - rising tensions with china sees more u.s. forces arriving in the philippines. are they welcome. plus... ..i'm jonah hull in hungary, one of a number of countries in which right wing governments are testing the bonds of the european union and in sport. details of a dramatic finish at golf's dubai desert classic.
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haiti's president michel martelly made a farewell speech in parliament, after making way for an interim government after weeks of protest. the five year term ends on sunday. a run-off vote to replace him has been postponed twice and rescheduled for april. we are joined from haiti's capital. i know that you were at one of those protests a little earlier, tell us what you heard and saw there. >> weir at a gathering -- we were at a gathering point. there was supposed to be a big carnival that was concerned. members of the opposition upset about the agreement reached
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between the president and the perms. actually, the tension got so bad, we decided to leave. we did not want to risk anyone's safety, i spoke to an opposition leader. and we spoke about whether or not the protest would be kept peaceful, going forward. all they said is we are going to continue to protest, we'll continue to be in the streets and refuse to keep things peaceful. >> where do things go from here then, force success and the political roadmap ahead to resolve the crisis? >> i think there's so many unknowns, and it's another source of frustration here. people are concerned about corruption. going forward, the plan is in
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the next five days an interim president will be elected. as you mentioned the presidential elections will take place on april 24th, and the winner taking office in mid may. the opposition is saying that there are a couple of issues that need to be resolved first. for starters, the election that brought members of parliament to power were fraudulent, and they believe the dehli run-off thaprf that orun-off -- presidential run-off were unfair. they want independent people to come in. there's so much manger, not just about martelly and the perimeter. life here is difficult for people. we are hearing about a lack of jobs, a lack of basic services, and inflation is rising, prices
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are rising, and that is where the organization of the states and dignitaries were pressing leaders in haiti to come up with a solution so the day to day needs of haitians could be focussed on. >> an uncertain future for haitians. >> natasha gan eem reporting from port-au-prince haiti has seen violence due to political stability. president michel martelly stepped down. he is constitutionally barred from seeking a second term. there's no one to take his place. politicians signed on agreement to install a caretaker government running for four months, under this the new president will assume office on 14 may after the elections in april. the presidential run-off in january was scrapped after opposition candidates threatened to boycott over allegations. let's talk about this with kim
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ives, the editor of a paper, and he joins us from new york. thank you for being with us. so, first of all, what do you make of this deal, martelly stepping down, and this roadmap ahead. is this going to do anything to calm the instability in the country? >> no, i don't think it's going to last very long. it reminds me a lot of the situation 30 years ago today when jean claude left power in the face of a similar uprising. the street is ahead of the parliament and the opposition. they are calling for annulments of the elections that took place on august 9th and october 25th. ne they see them marred.
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the parliament is trying to maintain it said, the opposition is hoping that review of the results will put one of them in power. the streets want known of this. many haitians say martelly scantered a chance to turn the country around after the aid coming in in 2010 after the devastating earthquake. what were the mistakes he made? >> martelly came in illegally, essentially the ohs and secretary of state hillary clinton intervened in the process to shoe horn martelly into power. it kind of went downhill after that. he squandered the millions, billions of dollars that came in in earthquake aid and also from the pet roe kariba fund that
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venezuela provided eba. he set up illegal taxes on every money transfer internationally, and $0.05 on the phone call. we don't know what happened to that money. the corruption drove the people into the streets. they were angry about the fact that their cost of living was going up. and the government was making out like bandits, and the rebregs. it degenerated how it did under jean cloud 30 years ago. >> you get into some history there of haiti and the fact that it's been racked by so much instability. what is it about the country that gives the impression that it really struggles to succumb to any period of stability? >> well, i think, really, the real culprit behind this is the
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united states. who has been meddling in haiti from the beginning in 1986. they put the government much the way as they are orchestrating the one today, and essentially wh haitians had an election in 1990. the u.s. made a cute detar, two military interventions. haiti is the only militarily occupied country by the united nations in the western hemisphere at washington's behest. if haitians were allowed to carry out their own sovereign elections, there wouldn't be destabilization. it began with the u.s.-backed cout d'etat in 1921, many years ago good to get your thoughts on this. kim ives joining us from new york algerian lawmakers passed laws. the government says the amendments fulfilled a promise to strengthen democracy.
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opposition -- german chancellor angela merkel and francois holland, french president met on the border to tackle the plan to tackle the refugee crisis. the two leaders called for a joint strategy to step up border security and aid for refugees, it strained regulations between member states. >> macedonia started to build a fence along its border. it is intended to help with security. the law allows refugees from syria, afghanistan and iraq to enter. more than a million people escaping poverty and war made the journey, with 800,000 coming through greece. >> to the second of a 4-part series on the widening cracks in
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the european union, the differences are not only how to deal with the european union, but concerns about russia's influence in countries like hungary. it's feared they are undermining the independence of media and court. jonah hull reports from budapest. >> from the studios of club radio, they are never sure whether the next broadcast may be the last. openly critical of the government, the station lost most of its advertising and had frequencies reduced. >> i have feared that these guys and our prime minister believe that they - first of all, they can do what they want. they are so full of hatred, they hate their so-called enemies. they believe everyone that does not think the same way they do are the enemies. >> in parts of eastern europe
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among members of the european union, the politics of nationalism is taking route. here in hungary, viktor orban is said to take his view from vladimir putin, as former foreign minister peter orbash experience. >> mr orban expressed that they are taking everyone from turkey and other successful leaders. the biggest danger of the model is getting attractive for others. why not use it. >> poland appears to be doing just that. respecting judicial and media freedoms. with slovyansk and the czech republic completing the group, all four countries pushed back against the e.u. and refugee quota system. last summer hungry's highways
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and railway stations were packed. most making their way to germany. the country seemingly cleansed the border with serbia on the balkan route. sealed with razor wire. hungry's perform says he's defending europe's christian values against the muslim refugees. the small community noticed a rise in hate crimes and death threats as a result. >> translation: the government communicated that communication equalled the arrival of islamic territory into the country and justified it with the paris attacks. if you repeat something often enough people will believe it. >> reporter: i put the concerns to the government's chief spokesman. >> it's not antireligious, integration is not successful. when you call out attention to the fact that this is the case in most western european countries, you talk about
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reality. >> reporter: what the hungarian government calls reality, is called islama phobia. it is a growing problem across europe. >> now you can catch up on the rest of the 4-pard series on the troubled european union on the website. monday we look at how some e.u. member states fear national sof ripity is under threat -- sovereignty is under threat. >> the supreme court uphilled a 10 year -- upheld a 10 year deal allowing the u.s. to use bases in the country. it was signed in 2014 amid tensions with china, but could not be put into place due to opposition. more from manila. >> reporter: demonstrations such as in are not unusual outside the u.s. embassy, although a long-time ally, many say more
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u.s. troops are not woil. more than 100 soldiers are here. it rises with an enhanced cooperation agreement, or edca. [technical difficulties [[ our apologies for the loss of sound. we'll take a break. still to come, cooking up an alternative for the white house, why it's hard to be a third party presidential candidate and it's carnival time in brazil. revellers defy fears of the zika virus for one of the world's greatest annual parties. >> i'm andy richardson at the african championship in rwanda, finding out if the women's football can keep pace with the
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men's game.
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hello again, you are watching the al jazeera
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newshour. the top story, the united nations condemned north korea for launching a long-range rocket. the security council is preparing new sanctions against pyongyang, after ignoring resolutions banning the launch technology. syrian forces backed by air strikes are escalating to cease back control of aleppo. troops are surrounding the portions in the east and pushing towards the border in turkey president michelle martelie is stepping down. there's no one to replace him. the caretaker government will run the country with presidential elections planned in april in iraq, reports say 15 people have been killed. security forces say i.s.i.l. planted roadside bombs and rigged houses with explosives. the army is saying it made advances in ramadi, taking territory back from i.s.i.l. fighters.
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we have this report from baghdad. >> reporter: it's props more symbol -- perhaps more symbolic that strategic. after a month of fight, the iraq army entered a neighbourhood and cleared it of fighters. >> translation: we are liberated. we are removing domes from the streets, and houses -- bombs from the streets and houses. >> reporter: moving them is a job. they have been trapped since this began. the relief is clear. >> translation: i.s.i.l. treated us badly. they ordered us to leave our house and rigged it with explosives. >> translation: our life was dire, we had no food and medicines, and were under siege from all sides. we had to make do with the little food we had.
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they are now being taken to the west of ramadi. the iraqi army has to secure the area. they are going from house to house to clair booby trapped buildings. >> there are pockets of fights further east. i.s.i.l. fighters have mounted attacks on areas that the army said were secure in the north of ramadi in recent days. the attacks look likely to continue. i.s.i.l. control parts of the countryside. that makes them a threat. in northern iraq, hundreds of kurds protested outside the united nations compound. they are call on the international community to stop turkey from continuing strikes against p.k.k. separatists. the turkish army killed 11 fighters. 700 fighters have been killed since the operation in dyes. >> india's foreign minister says
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39 indian workers kidnapped by i.s.i.l. in iraq are alive. the announcement was made to family members of those kidnapped. two arab nations confirmed the workers are alive. and they are believed to have been taken from the city. >> pro-government forces in yemen are pushing closer to the capital in sanaa. government loyalists backed by a saudi-led coalition are sending reinforcements in a push to retake the city. it fell to houthi rebels. >> special forces taking coastal areas in hasser province, and advance. they advance to a shia rebel stronghold. it's hope to an oil refinery, and the seaport is crucial to exports. the houthis and their ally have troops stationed in the area.
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>> losing the city and the seaport is likely to undermine the chances of getting flies of weapons from aboard. >> we are making progress. the army is tightening the grip on the coastal province, they'll make sure they do not receive any more from iranians. >> fighting in the coastal areas continue. pro-government troops are on the move. they are in control of an area, a few kilometres from sanaa. this is where the future of the city may be decided. special forces loyal to the president head siege to the base. the push to the loyalist is a significant development since the houthis took over in 2014.
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backed by a saudi-led coalition, these fighters say they are determined to continue the fight until the rivals vegeder or face the feet. the coalition intensified the air strikes hoping to force the houthis into repeat. the former rebels are defiant. they are determined to fight, to defend the areas that they control. an autopsy of an italian man killed in egypt revealed he may have been tortured. the body had studied inhuman animal-like violence. the italian government is pressing egypt to cooperate with the criminal investigation into his death. italy's interior minister is determined to find out the
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truth. >> translation: we need the truth as soon as possible. in the interests of abdul fatah al-sisi to help us as much as possible to receive the truth spanish police arrested seven memberslinged to islamic state. the rest happened in the east of the country, as well as north africa's enclave. the suspects were believed to help i.s.i.l. recruit them in and provide logistical support. hundreds of protesters were on the streets. muslims were upset as the decision banned them from wearing hijab. the rallies were peaceful, calling for the plan. more than a third of adults in the u.s. say they are neither republican nor democrat. the majority of americans have told pollsters they want a third
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political party, in search of some of the alternatives in this report. >> anyone born in the u.s. has the right to run for president. it's in the bill of rights. this is one of 1600 presidential candidates registered for 2016. it's the american dream. you can be what you want to be. that's the challenge. that's the reason among the platform. they want to change the system. it eliminates 99% of our country. 1% runs to 99. study after study showed that what was promised in the american dream disappeared. election after election showed only a few can run for the country's office. >> we need a new way forward
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that is not bought and paid for by predatory banks, by fossil fuel giants and by war profit ears for founding the current system. the green party presidential candidate in 2012 and 2016. then she was on the ballot for 85% of voters, and in 2016. it may have been 95 to 100% of voters. even if a third party yav nates $0.50 of rules to get on the ballots. tv and newspapers are indifferent or hostile. the breed and the parties are alleging in court that a presidential debate commission is rigged to ensure only two parties are heard. third parties hope that social media approved effective to bring race and climate change. and it will make a difference amid discontent amid-republicans and democrats. we didn't know the berlin war why is doing to come down, and
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it did. we didn't know a lot happened. it did history for the greens, the forthcoming election is notable. the democratic establishment will ensure that he's not the nominee. if he is, he'll be a man against a democratic party machinery opposed to his goals. >> it's like helping a friend break up an abusive relationship. how long will you keep making excuses for a political party that is pushing you over the cliff. >> in the last few weeks the u.s. mainstream media has been offering an alternative. but michael bloomberg. those hoping challenge the establishment say a break through is possible. >> that is perfecto israeli police shot and killed a sudanese migrant who they say stand an israeli
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shoulder, it happened near a bus stop. police say the men were shot several times as they tried to flee the scene. >> it's carnival time in brazil. the zika virus is casting a chateau over this year's -- shadow over this year's event. lucia newman is live. it's an occasion that brazilians take seriously. what is the atmosphere there. are the concerns about the zika virus doing anything to dampen the mood at all? >> hello, i'm speaking from the samba drone, where one of the most anticipated parts of carnival has just started. the six of the country's 12 most imported schools are parading tonight. one of them began. it is an incredibly exciting moment for the people to take part. 4,000 people parading at each
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school. health officials have been handing out leaflets, warning people to take measures against the virus to wear long sleeves, use insent repellant, be careful about kissing people, strangers, because it has been discovered that the zika virus has appeared in saliva, things like that. the mood here is certainly joyous. one of the themes here tonight will be a tribe ute to brazil's - his famous football star pele. and another important theme, which is one that most people are excited about seeing, is an homage to the summer olympics, which are due to take part in brazil in august and tough times in brazil right now. not just because of the concerns of the zika virus, but the economic downfall. might it be seen by many as a chance to forget about that, and
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enjoy the carnival? >> absolutely, people say we have problems, problems will continue when corn val is over on tuesday. in the meantime we try to forget about them. this is a time to lift the spirits. when carnival is over, they are trying to enjoy them as much as they can. one thing that they are not forgetting, and it's a dark cloud over brazil, and that is the virus. lake some are suggesting is that it is yourself to warrant a consolation or a postponement of the summer olympics in august. brazilians are saying that it will not be a problem. there will be winter in rio, and there should be less mosquitos, people here want to hear nothing of it, and want to celebrate ahead of time the olympics, and the olympic symbols and mascot
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paraded past the drone that you see goodnight me to the applause of those in the stands. >> celebrating there, undeterred. >> five of south africa's nan provinces have been declared disaster errors wows of brought. this report from free state province, where half the country's maize crop is growing. >> it's the worst drought in more than 30 years. this farmer has been growing maize. >> there's never been a time where we cannot planned seeds. dry spells are not unusual.
6:43 pm
it's estimated the drought is costing 600 million. no rain fall means production dropped by a third. 3 million tonnes of maize has been imported to free the country. everyone will have a shortage of maize. >> it will push them up high. people depend on maize. it is not affordable. >> farmers will need to start using different methods to adopt to change in weather patterns. >> we can continue with the line. we need to get more funding so we can build the capacity to put the protection on it.
6:44 pm
it remains with new infrastructure. currently they produced more. dams mean entire communities are affected by the drought. not far from the farm is the community of senegal. people have not had water for more than four months. they relied on water tanks. people say they have had no other way of surviving. >> they still have a crisis of water. >> it's difficult. >> it's pain this because we don't have the water. i'm comfort by the fact that there's little rain. >> national water hoped to bring relief to those affected by the drought. as conditions are expected to continue, there's concern if there's another season of low yolds farmers will see the
6:45 pm
livelihoods disappear time for a break. when we come back on the al jazeera newshour... ..chinese communities around the world ring in the year. fire monkey. >> i have to say you are getting the sack form. -- tomorrow. >> the manchester united boss hits outs at suggestions that he will be replaced. details in sport.
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disabled people in serbia say they struggle to find jobs. a project in the city changed that, employing people with minor disabilities to help those with severe disabilities. >> reporter: from making a coffee to helping with the shopping, this woman provides help to a couple that suffers multiple sclerosis. no one knows how much longer the care can continue. >> i can't believe it will end. i hope it won't. it's needed. >> she is employed by the council much it's part of a pilot scheme to help people like her with minor disabilities find a job. the idea is that she work with people with severe disabilities that need extra help at home. >> this means a lot. i have a disability, doing this helps me and them. this is fulfilling. we feel for each other.
6:48 pm
>> the project is coming to an end and the council doesn't know whether the serbian government will provide the work needed to continue. >> translation: a 3-month pilot is not enough. it normally takes a month or so for service and providers to adopt to each other, and once things work well, the project en ends. >> reporter: the serbian government is permitted to helping people with disabilities to find. >> this year we planned to hire 1600 for public services jobs. >> the hardest thing for a person with disabilities is not being able to find a job. >> 16,000 serbians with disabilities are unemployed. most say they want to work, and offer help to the best of their ability all right. time to get all the sport. here is farah. >> thank you so much. >> the carolina panthers face the denver broncos in super bowl
6:49 pm
50. daniel lack joins us from sanaa clara. 20 minutes into the game, what is the atmosphere there? >> electric. that is one word for it. it's finally happening. we've been building to this all week, here we are at a neighbourhood party in santa clair. this is the tran family, everyone is feeding barbecue, watching the game on the screen in the garage behind me, cheering as the teams take to the field. earlier we had the u.s. air force blue angels fly overhead as lady ga ga finished the anthem. in is more than a game. it's a huge show, even commercials playing now. those are the film festivals of the best the advertising world had to offer. there's still an hour of football stretched over the afternoon and evening what are the predictions, who are the favourites right
6:50 pm
now? >> well, the favourites have been the carolina panthers. they have the exciting young quarterback. 26-year-old cam newton. denver had the first series of plays, and they put three points on the board, leading 3-0 early in the game. it will be an epic confrontation, everyone is looking forward to excellent football. >> you mentioned the advertisers. they paying $5 million for 30 second commercials. is it worth it. >> well, you are hearing one of them now, perhaps, behind me. there's a few melbournes, a one area game stretching out over five or six hours. yes, it is worth it. app launched computers, car brands, global brands, they are advertising this afternoon, and that money pours into the game and able to make the salaries and build the stadiums. definitely worth if for the
6:51 pm
countries and the fans and players too. the broncos are three ahead. enjoy the game. we'll speak to you later >. louis van gaal responded angrily to suggestions that the club is trying to replace him, following a 1-1 draw thanks to a late goal by diego costa, against chelsea. >> you are inventing a story, then i have to answer the question. i don't answer. i shall repeat myself every week. i have to say that you are getting the sack tomorrow. hey, what is your name, then i can announce the name also. lucas, maybe you have children? or a nephew or something like that that result leaves manchester united down in fifth. arsenal, meanwhile moved up to
6:52 pm
third after a 2-0 win. >> we haven't won for a while. we have four games to win. it's a long period. your confidence drops a little bit. instead of running away, and us paying them next week to make the game interesting, it was important to win today. barcelona boss lewis enrique equalled the record of going 28 games unbeaten. >> barca beat levante 2-0. real madrid boosted their charge for the title. they beat granada 2-1 away thanks to goals from kareem. a win means they move to 50 points, one behind city rivals
6:53 pm
atletico. now, the democratic republic of congo win the african nation's championship. they beat harley to round off the championship. >> this event has been about the men's game. women's football is gaining ground. we have this report. >> the african nation's championship has given rwandan impossible it's highest ever profile. the women's national team is drugging for attention. the side played its first official game two years ago. the role women are expected to play is changing. after the genocide of 1994, leaving around 1 million rwandans dead. the adult population was almost 70% female. women made their voices heard. felicity spent the last 20 years
6:54 pm
campaigning for equality in football. >> women had not been given a chance to speak out their ideas, and the ideas were hidden under the table. the ideas are out. they have found that. having a woman in a position is a great idea. >> women's rights are enshrined in the constitution. 60% are women, the biggest proportion anywhere in the world. it's taking time for the political profile to be reflected in sports. >> reporter: the experiences of the national team's coach provide an insight into how much it had to change. >> i started when i had 12 years. i prayed with the men. after finishing playing, it was bad for me. whenever they come, my parents started to - to beat me.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: many club teams make funds available to pay for their young players education has been a factor and helping parents accept their daughter's choices football has been good to me. right now i'm at university. the reason i'm there is not because my parents played for me, but football, the team i played for paid for all of my education. >> this year the league expands from 12 to 16 leagues. more girls than ever a playing. >> you have young girls, you have to have the parents at home. you have to do cooking and whatever. now that mentality stopped. girls do sports, and boys do sports. to host a tournament for women, it looks like a realistic target
6:56 pm
danny willett won golf, the dubai desert classic. rory mcilroy finished four shots behind the englishman. willett clinched the title by a single stroke after the put on the final green. that saw him finish on 19-under par, a shot clear of sullivan and raphael. it's his fourth european tour title. >> it was fun. it was all three an 18. i had to step back and refocus. we are just trying to go through the process all week. at the beginning of the week i felt good, not trying to get too down and play top quality golf along with that and in the n.b.a. the struggling orlando magic upset the atlanta hawks on sunday.
6:57 pm
booub lick got the second winner. 18 jump shots. it was the fourth win in the last 21 regular games. that is all your sport. thank you. >> now, chinese communities across the world have been marking the lunar new year monday, a traditional bell ringing holding in the new year. it was a spectacular display down under marking celebrations in sydney australia. dragging dancers and marshall arts demonstrations took center stage in mexico city stay with us here on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is ahead. the latest on syria, north korea and a whole lot more. more.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> images matter. >> innovative filmmaker, spike lee - on his controversial new movie. >> the southwest side of chicago is a war zone. >> taking on the critics. >> and another thing... a lot of the people have not seen the film. >> and spurring change through his art. >> we want this film to save lives. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change.
7:00 pm
this is al jazeera america. live from new york. i'm erica pitzi. here are today's top stories. the u.n. security council condemns north korea's rocket launch, vowing to slap the country with a new set of sanctions. the president's candidates are on the trail in new hampshire before the primary. hillary clinton is in another state voters without a party, new hampshire more than ever


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